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We have carefully selected every book and film that we recommend. (See How Books and Films Are Selected.) Every one is extremely high in quality, and has been found useful by many men with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood, as well people who care about them.

After selecting a category, you’ll see a list of recommended books that includes each book’s cover, title and author(s), a brief description of the book, and a direct link to its page at (where you can read reviews or buy it).

A number of the books are available to borrow for free from This borrowing option is a unique service offered by 1in6. It’s one we’re committed to providing, especially for men who can’t afford, or don’t feel comfortable enough, to buy such books or films or to borrow them from a regular library.

Our inventory includes over 75 different titles, with many copies for loan. The borrowing option allows ‘checking out’ one book or film at a time (for delivery to an address of one’s choosing). Once that item has been returned, another can be borrowed. (See How Borrowing Works.)

We ask that therapists and other professionals purchase the offered resources in order to maximize our capacity to lend them to end-users free of charge.

We are delighted to offer this resource of carefully selected books and films, and our unique borrowing service. We hope that you find this section of most helpful.


  • To buy an item (or read reviews), click on the ‘Buy at Amazon’ button (many are available used/cheap).
  • To suggest an item or give any other feedback on this section, use the form at the bottom of the page.
  • For items you can borrow, click on the ‘Borrow’ button & then fill out the form. (How Borrowing Works)

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