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How Books and Films Are Selected

We are honored to recommend books and films to our website visitors. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously, so we make sure everything we recommend is consistent with 1in6’s mission and core values.

For every book or film considered for inclusion here, first we read the entire book or watch the entire film. Then, we carefully consider whether – on balance – it is consistent with the following principles:

  • Brings understanding, compassion, and hope to men who have experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood, and to those who care about them.
  • Respects – and sends the message – that all men who’ve had such experiences are complex and unique individuals, who have been affected to different degrees, in unique ways, and are at different stages of help-seeking and recovery.
  • Respects men’s freedom to understand themselves in their own language, rather than imposing labels on them.
  • Emphasizes the potential for healing and recovery and avoids focusing on discouraging or negative messages.
  • Does not judge men for thinking or doing anything with respect to (a) the effects of their abuse or exploitation, (b) how they have (or have not) sought to recover from those effects, or (c) any relationships they have with people involved in the unwanted or abusive childhood experiences.
  • Does not dehumanize or demonize people who have sexually abused children – who are not all the same – for example, by using broad-brush language or stereotyping.