For Professionals
Tending the Wounds: A one-day training on clinical engagement on trauma issues for male survivors

Tending the Wounds emphasizes a variety of clinical strategies working with male survivors, focusing particularly on psychodynamic and experiential approaches. This therapeutic heavy-lifting is applicable to both individual and group engagement.

Starting with the framework of ego state theory, a variety of intra-psychic conceptions and interventions will be considered. A balance of both trauma-focused and strengths- focused strategies will be presented.

Lecture, role plays, dramatic presentations, experiential opportunities and group discussion are all utilized throughout the day to ensure thorough engagement with the participants. The content of Tending the Wounds is thoroughly road-tested for trauma recovery and are “male-friendly” in their design. Again, there is opportunity for deeper reflection in both small and large group discussions, finishing with a grounding meditation before the day concludes.


To schedule a training or presentation, or to inquire about our offerings, contact [email protected]

1 day (6.5 hours). Can be offered in modules upon request.

In-person or online.


Learning Style:
Participatory! Combining lecture with small group work, role plays, video debriefings, experiential exercises.

This training is ideal for healthcare professionals, counsellors, mental-health advocates, group practitioners as well as other frontline staff who clinically engage with clients.

Group Size:
While the ideal group size for participatory learning is 20, larger groups can be accommodated.

Curriculum Detail

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Welcome to the Day
  • A Primer on Ego States & Their Application:
    • Functional Perspectives
    • Structural Perspectives on Ego States
    • Mapping The Trauma: Drama Triangles, Trauma Triangles
    • Experiential Engagement with Parts
  • The Role of Shame in Men’s Lives:
    • Developmental Aspects of Shame
    • Guilt vs. Shame
    • The Cycle of Violence Revisited
    • The Shame-Rage Spiral – The Dynamic of Violence
  • Boundary Work
  • Grounding Strategies
  • Closing Meditation