For Professionals
Re-Visioning Men’s Anger, Rage & Violence: A one-day training on trauma-informed engagement on issues of anger and rage

Re-Visioning Men’s Anger, Rage & Violence is based on trauma-informed research examining the links between male childhood abuse and intimate partner violence (IPV). While many practitioners are aware that most men who are prone to rage and partner violence have a significant history of childhood abuse, few intervention programs are derived from this research and application.

This training focuses on the clinical implications of adopting a trauma-oriented understanding of IPV. We will fearlessly challenge the dominant discourse of “power and control” model of understanding through comprehensive picture of the inner world of men who are assaultive. Using a trauma lens, Re-Visioning arguably offers a more nuanced, more respectful and more promising approach to clinical interventions with this population, whether through individual or group intervention.


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1 day (6.5 hours).

In-person or online.


Learning Style:
Structured, with lecture along with small group work, video debriefings, experiential exercises.

Best suited for mental health professionals, trauma clinicians, correctional staff and justice system workers.

Group Size:
While the ideal group size for participatory learning is up to 20, larger groups can certainly be accommodated.

Curriculum Detail

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • A Primer on Ego States & Their Application
    • Functional Perspectives
    • Structural Perspectives on Ego States
    • Mapping The Trauma: Drama Triangle, Trauma Triangle
    • Experiential Engagement with Parts
  • Re-visioning Men’s IPV in Light of Past Victimization
    • Competing Understandings of IPV
    • Prevalence Studies: What is Associated with IPV
    • The Limits of Power & Control
    • Correlation between Childhood Trauma and Men’s IPV
  • The Role of Shame in Men’s Lives
    • Developmental Aspects of Shame
    • Guilt vs. Shame
    • The Cycle of Violence Revisited
    • The Shame-Rage Spiral – The Dynamic of Violence
  • Tools for Working with Anger in Session
    • Cognition & Anger
    • Fact/Perception/Story
    • Approaches to Grounding
    • Male Emotional Funnel
    • Engagement Strategies
  • Closing