Research on Men Abused in Childhood

Research on Men Abused in Childhood

For over 30 years, researchers have been working hard to understand issues surrounding male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

In the past, most researchers ave focused on girls and women, not the experiences and needs of men abused in childhood – which can be very different, in many ways.

Fortunately, especially over the past 20 years, more and more researchers have focused on the effects of unwanted and abusive childhood experiences on men – and on how to help them deal with those effects and lead increasingly happy and healthy lives.

The following sections are designed to give you an insight into the current research being conducted, some of which you may be able to participate, a list of completed research studies, and reports from 1in6 and our partners.

Research Opportunities

The following is a list of opportunities to participate in ongoing research around the issue of child sexual abuse.

If you are interested in participating in any of these studies, please click the study and follow the directions listed by the researcher.

How we have vetted these studies:

  • When a request is made to 1in6 to post a research study, we have a couple of criteria that must be met before we move forward.
  • If the request is from a graduate student, we ensure that the student has a thesis or dissertation chair to guide and mentor them through the process of research.
  • All studies must have Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. The IRB reviews and approves all research for the safety and well being of participants.
  • We must have the IRB letter of approval on file.

Please note: While we have listed these research studies, they are merely opportunities for you to participate; there is no obligation for you to participate. 1in6 makes no claim to the benefit of these studies and by agreeing to participate, you are entering into an agreement with the researcher alone; 1in6 takes no responsibility.

If you are interested in participating in any of these studies, please click the study and follow the directions listed by the researcher.


Male Survivors’ Stories of Sexual Victimization

Would you like to donate about 2 hours of your time for an interview about your life and your sexual victimization experience? It is an overlooked issue for men and your story could help provide valuable information to inform service agencies and other men who are not ready to seek help because they are worried about how their family, friends, and society will react.
You need to be male and have experienced sexual victimization since you turned 18-years-old. Check out the study here

Interested? Please contact: Kevin Ralston,University of Delaware (302) 533‑8640

Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Help-Seeking

This research project will help us understand why male survivors tend to stay away from therapy and counseling, and will help the psychology community design more appropriate and effective ways to reach out and help.

WhoSeeking men between the ages of 25–75 , who experienced sexual abuse in childhood, who feel that the abuse has had some negative impact on their lives, and who have never (or only recently) sought therapy or counseling specifically focusing on the abuse, to participate in interviews about the experience of seeking help. You will not be asked to talk about the details of the abuse and your identity will be held in the strictest confidence.

ContactIf you are interested, please contact Chris Tickner at 818–568-6982 or to set up an initial 10–20 minute screening phone call. Research announcement:

Men’s Disclosure Experiences Study

Study for sexual minority men who have had unwanted sexual experiences as adults. We seek to understand the experiences of telling others about these unwanted sexual experiences. Study involvement includes an online screening survey and, if eligible, a 60–90 minute Skype interview. Interview participants will be compensated with a $30 Amazon gift-card for their time.

Take the survey here.
More information here.

A Survey Exploring How Men View Themselves After a Stressful or Difficult Life Event

If you are a male and are 18 years or older and are interested in providing COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS feedback on a research survey exploring how men view themselves after stressful or difficult life event, please take the survey.

An Online Study for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

You are invited to participate in a clinical research project that examines your experiences of child sexual abuse and related issues concerning that abuse. Your participation is completely voluntary, and this study will take about 30 – 40 minutes to complete. Most of the questions will be about your experiences of child sexual abuse, your memory of the events, and related issues. The results of this study should help to further our understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse on memory. This understanding will help researchers and therapists to develop more effective intervention programs to assist survivors of child sexual abuse.

Check out the study here.

If you would like information on listing your research please contact martha(at)

Research and Reports from 1in6 and our Partners

1in6 is dedicated to furthering the understanding abuse on male survivors. As we conduct research and publish our findings, we will add them to the list below. In addition, we will include publications from our partners and allies, as well.

Stories of Strength: Report on Child Sexual Abuse & Community Recommendations for Prevention

by 1in6 & Peace Over Violence

Stories of Strength: Report on Child Sexual Abuse and Community Recommendations for Prevention is a collaboration between Peace Over Violence, a sexual, domestic, and children and youth violence prevention center and 1in6 an organization dedicated to helping male survivors of sexual abuse. We are grateful for this opportunity to join forces in the Ms. Foundation for Women’s Ending Child Sexual Abuse National Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to inspire and ignite a national movement to prevent and ultimately end child sexual abuse.

Read the report here.

1in6 Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Agency Survey

by 1in6

Our survey of more than 400 Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Coalitions and programs across the country revealed a deep interest in providing services to men who had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood. Half cited a need for more clinicians and mental health professionals specifically trained to serve male survivors as a critical need. Nearly two-thirds said they were looking for resources for men and family members and nearly as many felt resources for staff was critically important. Not surprisingly, increased funding for services for male survivors was a need expressed almost universally.

Read the report here.

For information about individual states or other questions, please contact Peter Pollard at Peter(at)

1in6 Stanton Fellowship Findings Report

by 1in6

In December 2009 1in6, received a Stanton Fellowship from the Durfee Foundation. The purpose of the Fellowship was to support 1in6 and other social service agencies as their staff researched and developed solutions to intractable social problems. The early experience of 1in6 staff and board members had suggested that while they had created excellent information and support resources for male survivors, their loved ones and service providers, society’s collective ignorance of male childhood sexual abuse as well as the tremendous shame and stigma imposed on its survivors continue to present major challenges to making progress on this issue. Over the two years of this Fellowship, 1in6 Executive Director Steve LePore spent time each quarter conducting research on this topic. The research consisted of readings by and interviews with the leaders of a diverse set of social movements and organizations, each of which succeeded in the past in overcoming the challenges posed by the sometimes difficult and unconventional nature of their issues.

Read the report here.

Current Research on Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Have you ever wondered what the researchers are saying about male survivors of sexual abuse? A phenomenal number of studies have been completed in the last 30 years and we have compiled a list of over 60 research studies. While this list is comprehensive it is not complete, as studies are being conducted worldwide. We will continue to update this reference page as more research is published.

Click to see our Survivor Research Reference Page.

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