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Understanding Men Sexually Abused in Childhood
Working with Men Sexually Abused in Childhood
Engaging Men Sexually Abused in Childhood

Understanding Men Sexually Abused in Childhood 

(Formerly, Lasting Effects) 

This 90- minute webinar for advocates and other professionals who work with men, provides an opportunity to consider the particular ways men may respond differently to childhood sexual abuse. Whatever your level of knowledge about working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, this interactive webinar may challenge you to rethink your current assumptions, examine your expectations and to employ a lens of masculinity to enhance your existing skills when working with men. 

This workshop explores:

  • Common misunderstandings about men and sexual abuse
  • Special barriers men face in disclosing childhood abuse
  • How cultural norms may inhibit men from seeking treatment (Gender expression, Sexual Orientation, Race, Ethnicity, Faith…)
  • The importance and role of language in advocacy & education
  • Helpful audit tools for program effectiveness
  • Biases and beliefs that can diminish your effectiveness in working with men

This training is most useful for those with some basic knowledge and understanding of sexual abuse dynamics.


  • To review the skills that will enable advocates and other service providers work more effectively with male survivors
  • To highlight social and cultural pressures that impact male survivors
  • To review the effects of sexual victimization on male survivors
  • To provide participants an opportunity to identify personal challenges and confront misconceptions that might impact their ability to work effectively with male survivors


Anyone who works with men including: crisis intervention hotline staff and volunteer/staffs; victim advocates; mental health workers; child protection workers; law enforcement personnel, and other professionals with some knowledge about the dynamics of sexual abuse. Not intended for survivors as a healing tool.

Working with Men Sexually Abused in Childhood

Because social norms for men often inhibit their effective emotional responses to childhood trauma, men often learn to cope other ways — sometimes not so effective ways. These may include addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, work, pornography and unsafe sexual practices; risky physical activities; issues with anger management; suicide, and physical violence. So instead of calling rape crisis centers or mental health clinics, male survivors often show up in court, rehab facilities, or in the ER without ever disclosing their secret. This workshop will explore how providers working with men in clinical or non-clinical settings can remain sensitive and receptive to a possible underlying source of many men’s negative behaviors and provide resources.

This workshops explores:

  • Men’s presenting issues that may reflect a history of childhood sexual abuse. 
  • Resources and options for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse 
  • Ineffective coping strategies men use that may be related to childhood sexual abuse
  • Ways men may respond differently from women to a history of abuse.
  • Availability of resources for male survivors 
  • Social/cultural norms for men that inhibit male survivors from reaching out for help 
  • Self-care issues that may arise when working with male survivors
  • Impact of abuse and resources for secondary survivors (family and loved ones)


  • To sensitize providers working with men in non-clinical and clinical settings about the various presenting issues that may reflect a history of childhood sexual abuse. 
  • Increase participants’ knowledge of resources and options for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse regardless of their presenting issues.
  • Increase participants’ ability to support men’s effort to identify and engage with effective targeted services for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. 
  • Support participant’s self-care and an awareness of the importance of how men’s responses to trauma may take surprising forms, requiring specific reflections about boundaries and expectations.


A 90-minute webinar for clinical and non-clinical service providers as well as other professionals working with boys and men. Not intended for survivors as a healing tool.

Engaging Men Sexually Abused in Childhood

(Formerly, Reaching Out) 

The webinar is designed to help advocates, organizers and practitioners think about the most effective ways to approach the issue of childhood sexual abuse with men and with those who care about them.

Ongoing news stories that raise awareness about the sexual abuse of boys offer a great opportunity to encourage men to begin addressing their childhood sexual trauma. But how do you reach male survivors? How do you engage them, make them feel safe in stepping forward?

We will begin by discussing the 1in6 philosophy of outreach to men, strategies for defining outreach goals relevant to your organization’s needs; identifying exactly who you are trying to reach; explore which messages will be effective and which may be counter-productive; outreach and awareness campaign strategy model, a short review of the impacts of childhood sexual abuse on men; and the resulting barriers to getting help, as well as a review of resources.


  • Review 1in6 outreach philosophy 
  • Understand basic outreach theory 
  • Create a practical strategic plan for your practice or organization’s outreach and awareness activities 
  • Learn common practices to increase social-media engagement 
  • Review available resources for men 


A 90-minute webinar for outreach, prevention & response teams as well as other professionals looking to further engage male survivors of childhood sexual abuse through traditional and innovative outreach strategies. Not intended for survivors as a healing tool.

Thank you for joining 1in6 in their mission to help men live healthier, happier lives.

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