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Why I’ve Started Keeping Running Shoes By the Door: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

I am a marathoner. It takes more than just training. It takes commitment, mental preparation, and a well-arranged screen-to-couch set up. I could watch the same television show for hours on end. Marathons are a piece of cake. Usually they involve eating cake. For years the only running I did was as Pac-Man. Greasy fingers… Learn more »

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1BlueString and The Power of Partnerships: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

My job title is always changing to keep up with our growth in knowledge around male engagement. The job itself and the challenges remain consistent: engage men around conversations about sexual violence. The organization where I work, ACCESS (Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support) In Ames, IA, is dedicated to advocating for all survivors… Learn more »

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Tailoring Services for Men: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

When I tell people that one of my areas of interest in research is the use of social services by males, I often get strange looks. While many people have thought of researchers looking at the use of services by many different groups—including racial, ethnic, and sexual minority groups—many do not think about how males… Learn more »

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May/June 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, In my last letter, I shared our excitement about the 1in6 PSA campaign, in partnership with the Joyful Heart Foundation, NO MORE, and Viacom Networks. The awareness created by the PSAs and the Times Square billboards have been nothing short of remarkable. And, it is made even more remarkable when you realize that the entire campaign was… Learn more »

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Triggers: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

When I began to cope with my childhood molestation, the word trigger was a new concept for me. As I learned, triggers can be internal or external, but they’re reminders of unresolved emotional issues. We often say that something happens to bring about what we call the knee-jerk reaction to negative experiences that haunt us…. Learn more »

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