Greg LeMond

"I was so impressed by 1in6’s mission and objectives that I joined the board of directors."

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Greg was the first American to win the Tour de France, in 1986. Within a year he was shot and seriously injured in a hunting accident, and then remarkably, after a grueling 2-year recovery process, he went on to win the Tour again in 1989 and 1990.

One of only eight cyclists to have won the Tour three or more times, Greg has won numerous international cycling races and awards, including “Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.” His passions include nurturing young cyclists and an active calendar of public appearances to support and mentor athletes and kids in fitness and cycling.

Greg is also a successful businessman. He founded a successful bicycle company and played an integral part in the success of Oakley sunglasses and Giro helmets, having entered those companies in their start-up phases. In 2002 Greg founded LeMond Fitness, which produces and sells high quality indoor exercise bikes.

When Greg was 12 years old he was sexually abused by a family friend. In 2007 he joined the founding board of 1in6, for reasons he explains in his personal and heartfelt welcome message, below. Greg lives outside Minneapolis with his wife and children.

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Dear 1in6 Visitor,

Hello and welcome to the 1in6 website.

I was so impressed by 1in6’s mission and objectives that I joined the board of directors, and I’m committed to doing everything I can to ensure their success.

I know first-hand how the pain and shame of having been abused as a child can affect one’s life. And while I have enjoyed tremendous success both professionally and personally, it did not come without hard work and much support.

Our intention is to offer you support and encouragement, as much as you might need, while you begin the work of reclaiming your life. In looking back over my own life, I can tell you that no joy has been greater than being with my wife and children without the “dark cloud” of shame and guilt that my childhood abuse caused me.

I invite you to join me and the tens of thousands of other men like us who are drawing their courage, hope and strength from each other. Our journey would not be complete without you.

Welcome and best wishes,
Greg LeMond
Board Member