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Peace Over Violence is a Los Angeles and West San Gabriel Valley social service agency offering one-on-one interventions for sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse, and stalking; youth violence and child abuse prevention programs; and a range of specialized services reaching underserved groups like Latinas, Deaf, Disabled and Elder, LGBTQ, and Youth. Their Emergency Services provide emotional support, information, compassion, accompaniment, referral and advocacy services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The DC Rape Crisis Center provides free individual and group counseling to adults who were sexually abused as children, as well as a 24/7 hotline. This center is known for understanding males’ experiences and needs, and for those only wanting to speak with male hotline staff this can be arranged within 1-2 business days.

The Wings Foundation is a Denver nonprofit agency that provides therapist-facilitated support groups for adults sexually abused as children and their loved ones; referrals to qualified therapists; educational workshops and speaking presentations; and information and resources in English and Spanish by phone or email.

The Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC) is a nonprofit agency whose mission includes advocating for all victims and survivors of sexual assault and child sexual abuse, including several services and programs just for men, and providing ongoing support and healing to all survivors of sexual assault.

The Twin Cities Men’s Center – This organization in the Minneapolis-St Paul area offers a variety of services including groups, workshops, retreats, presentations and conferences. A variety of support groups meet weekly, including one for men abused sexually and otherwise as children or adults. Another group discusses concerns about sexual behavior and boundaries, including excessive, compulsive or obsessive sexual activities or pornography use, as well as inappropriate fantasies/thoughts/urges.


1in6 Canada supports male survivors of sexual trauma in their journey of recovery. By providing knowledge, tools and resources to men, their families and communities, and their service providers, 1in6 Canada creates positive and lasting change helping male survivors realize their full potential as men of integrity, resilience and courage. Helping men, their families and the service providers who work with them.

The Men’s Project in Ottowa, Ontario is a non-profit men’s counseling agency that has been providing services to men and their families since 1997. They provide individual and couple counseling, as well as a specialized healing program for men who have experienced sexual or physical abuse as children and seek help with anger management, fathering and other issues. Their services are specifically designed for men and professionally facilitated by accredited therapists.

British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse is a Vancouver-based non-profit society that provides support, individual and group therapy for males who have been sexually abused at some time in their lives, and support to their significant relatives and others. They also work to ensure clear, consistent communication in dealing with other involved agencies or professionals in order to guarantee comprehensive case management; and consult with community and government groups in the areas of prevention, treatment, therapy, and related matters.

The Men’s Trauma Center is a non-profit society based in Victoria, B.C. Canada. The Men’s Trauma Centre exists to provide treatment and support services to adult and late adolescent males who are survivors of physical, emotional or sexual trauma as well as support for our clients’ significant others. They also develop educational materials on the traumatization of males, help other agencies improve their responses to male clients who be survivors of trauma, and consult with community and government groups on prevention, treatment, legal and other issues relating to the sexual violation of males.

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