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Can be very helpful and healing – whenever you’re ready

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Workshops and retreats with other men who have had similar experiences and struggles can be very healing, especially when combined with other, individual or group therapy. Many men report huge reductions in shame, decreased sense of aloneness, etc.

For some men these intensive experiences also can feel overwhelming. Take time to assure yourself that a given retreat, workshop or community event is designed to create a safe, structured and trauma-informed environment that will enhance your recovery process. Retreats and workshops are most often useful as a way to expand progress made in therapy, rather than as an effective “first step” when it comes to finding help. If you do think that you want to do a workshop or retreat, make sure you really research it, including asking the leaders/facilitators as many questions as you need, so you can know as much as possible  about whether it’s likely to meet your needs and expectations. Remember, knowledge enhances safety, and safety is what healing is all about.

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