Do You Have Real Examples of Men Overcoming This Stuff? Real Success Stories?

Absolutely. And let's think about what success means...


For many men dealing with the effects of unwanted or abusive childhood sexual experiences, what gives the most hope is this: Examples of other men who’ve had similar experiences and gone on to live successful lives.

What do we mean by success?

We don’t mean pretending it didn’t happen, blocking out the feelings and memories, and white-knuckling it through life to achieve what looks like success from the outside – all the while feeling lots of bad stuff, numbness or disconnection inside.

We’re talking about…

  • Men who have found success in both their work lives and their private lives.
  • Men whose success includes achievements resulting not only from dealing with their most painful experiences, but from overcoming the destructive ways they had tried to escape their pain and shame.
  • In short, men who haven’t run away from what happened, have sorted out how it’s affected them and their relationships, and managed to overcome those effects.
  • Finally, men who are not perfect but who have found genuine happiness and confidence even though they – like all of us – continue to struggle with some things like sadness, anger, fears of failure, addictions, and relationship problems.

Does this sound like success to you? Like the kind of success you’d like to have in your life?

Maybe you need some time to think about it. This is certainly something worth thinking over, and what we’re providing here can help.

Celebrity Success Stories

For many men, it’s inspiring and hopeful to see other men who’ve had such experiences and gone on to achieve success so great that it brings wide recognition, even fame.

Such successful men are pictured on Other Guys Like Me:

  • Greg LeMond and Theoren Fleury, and Martin Moran
  • These are men who experienced sexual abuse as children or teenagers, then went on to achieve great success not only in their work lives but in their personal relationships too. Though in some cases, as they’re the first to admit, success in their personal lives came only years after public success in the world of work.
  • These are men confident enough in themselves and their manhood to openly and proudly support this organization and – as hope-inspiring examples – other men who’ve been through similar experiences.
  • To learn more about Greg, Theoren, or Martin, the success and happiness they’ve found, and their words of encouragement for you, just click on their names.

Regular Guy Success Stories

For some, such extremely successful men seem very different from themselves. They may make comparisons and feel inferior, even like a failure. Such responses aren’t unusual (or reasons to beat up on yourself further).

What would true success look like in your life?

When this happens, inspiration and hope will come more from success stories who seem more normal, realistic and achievable. Maybe you’re already thinking, “I don’t need to be a rich and famous, or even the best at what I do. I just want a good job that I do well and a satisfying personal life. That would be great.”

And those inspired by “celebrities” may be equally inspired by men they can relate to more easily.

Other Guys Like Me has hopeful messages of encouragement from such men – real men – on the pages Guys Who’ve Made Progress and Guys Who’ve Arrived on the Other Side.

In the future we plan to offer more “regular guy” success stories, including profiles of men like Tony Rogers, who shared his story in Kathy Barbini’s great documentary, Boys and Men Healing.

We also plan to have personal stories shared by guys like you, including how the they managed to overcome what happened and find happiness in both unique and common ways.