Is This Site for Me?

A few questions and pointers for finding out.


Do you mean one of these questions:

  • Were those sexual experiences when I was a child or teenager “abuse”?
  • Were those experiences “unwanted”?
  • Are they causing me problems now?

If so, then we recommend starting with Definitions, Labels, and Sorting It Out For Yourself. Then, if that page makes sense to you, explore the site further in whatever way works for you.

Or do you know that you’ve had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences that are causing you problems and wonder:

  • Can I learn anything useful here?
  • Can I learn anything here that will really help me?

If that’s your situation, we recommend taking some time to explore the site. Maybe check out other questions on the left and see if they fit your situation, or check out other parts of this site: Other Guys Like Me, Get Information, and Get Help.