Can You Help Me Find Good Therapy or Counseling?

We can point you in the right direction, and provide tools for sorting through your options.


Maybe you’ve never tried therapy or counseling before. Or maybe you have, but it didn’t deal with unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood and their effects on you. Or maybe you did try to address these issues in therapy, but it didn’t go well.

Whatever your situation, we have resources to help you find what you need now.

We don’t provide names and numbers of particular therapists or counselors who work with men like you. Other organizations already do that. But in Finding & Evaluating Therapists, under Get Help, you’ll find links to those other organizations’ therapist listings and pointers to even more resources that will help you find the help you need and deserve.

We also provide some valuable info on Principles of Therapy or Counseling, also in the Get Help section.

Finally, in some locations there may be few therapists – or even none – who have the knowledge and experience to give you all the help you need. Other limiting factors can be what language you speak, and how much money you have.

These are (sometimes very harsh) realities that we can’t change, at least in the short term. But please, don’t let them stop you. Keep trying to find the best possible, if imperfect, combination of resources (therapists, clinics, organizations, etc.) that can help you heal and achieve your goals in life.