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Big Voice Pictures – Web site of director/producer Kathry Barbini and Boys and Men Healing, her recently released (2010) documentary. It’s a powerful and moving film that tells the stories of three courageous men, two white and one African American, who have found healing for themselves and helped many others (Asian American, Latino, and gay men are also featured). It is an insightful, wise and compassionate film that perfectly balances storytelling and reflection on issues affecting all men sexually abused as boys, including struggles with intimacy and the cycle of violence. Boys and Men Healing brings not only understanding, but great hope and inspiration. The site has excerpts from the film and a store for purchasing it.

Black Sexual Abuse Survivors – “The mission of the Black Sexual Abuse Survivors (BSAS) Web site is to serve as an online support group for black, adult males and females who were sexually abused as children. BSAS is a non-professional, not-for-profit resource, where its participants provide support to each other online with their recovery from sexual abuse.”

FaithTrust Institute – “FaithTrust Institute is an international, multifaith organization working to end sexual and domestic violence.” They provide communities and advocates with tools and knowledge to address the religious and cultural issues related to abuse. They work with many communities, including Asian and Pacific Islander, Buddhist, Jewish, Latino/a, Muslim, Black, Anglo, Indigenous, Protestant and Roman Catholic. Their site has a number of resources on the issue of Sexual Abuse by Clergy.

Richard Gartner, Ph.D. – Dr. Gartner has written books and articles on the sexual abuse of males and their treatment in therapy, and is past president of MaleSurvivor. His website has many resources, including writings and testimony by him on a variety of issues relevant to males with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

Jim Hopper, Ph.D. – Dr. Hopper is a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, and lecturer. He is an expert on the neurobiology of trauma and sexual assault, and on the unique experiences and needs of males who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault. He was also a founding board member of 1in6. His website contains many valuable writings on the topics of child abuse; sexual assault; the brain; mindfulness and meditation; and healing and happiness.

Incest, Sexual and Ritual Abuse, Emotional Abuse: Articles for Survivors and Their Friends – Several short, clear and informative articles by Kali Munro, a therapist with experience treating men with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

Therapist Resource Directory at The Association of Black Psychologists – Lists African American psychologists around the country and their areas of specialty, including “sexual abuse.” Those without that specialized focus may know African American or other therapists of color (or White therapists) in their area who are skilled at working with people of color who’ve had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) – RAINN has a 24-hour National Sexual Assault Hotline (800 656-4673) staffed with trained volunteers and paid staff members who also have knowledge of sexual abuse issues and services. All calls are automatically routed to local centers in the RAINN network, which sometimes are not adequately trained to understand male callers (or give them appropriate referrals). All calls are confidential, and callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

Safer Society Foundation – The Safer Society Foundation, Inc. (SSF) is a nonprofit agency and national research, advocacy, and referral center for the prevention and treatment of sexual abuse. The SSF provides training and consultation to individuals, agencies, states and organizations. Their Web site has a list of Safer Society Press books and videos. For information about their “Treatment Referrals Program” for sexual abuse perpetrators, see their Contact Us page.

Sidran Institute – This is a national non-profit organization that offers services to helps people understand, recover from, and treat traumatic stress (including PTSD), dissociative disorders, and co-occurring issues, such as addictions, self injury, and suicidality. There are many excellent resources here, including Resources for Survivors and Loved Ones.

SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests – “SNAP is a national self-help organization of men and women who were sexually abused by Catholic priests (brothers, nuns, deacons, teachers, etc). Members find healing and empowerment by joining with other survivors.”

Stop It Now! – “Stop It Now! believes that all adults must accept the responsibility to recognize, acknowledge and confront the behaviors that lead to the sexual abuse of children. We offer adults tools they can use to prevent sexual abuse – before there’s a victim to heal or an offender to punish. In collaboration with our network of community-based Stop It Now! programs, we reach out to adults who are concerned about their own or others’ sexualized behavior toward children.” Stop It Now! also provides a tollfree, confidential hotline.

The Surviving Spirit – A nonprofit that promotes hope, healing and help for those impacted by trauma, abuse or mental health concerns through the use of the creative arts, a speakers’ bureau, newsletter, website, brochure, retail gallery, coffeehouse, media center and more.