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It Happens, It Matters: A One-Day Training Concerning Male Sexual Trauma & The Recovery Process

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It Happens, It Matters is an introductory training on male sexual victimization, which offers a primer on the basic concepts, theories and approaches to working with male survivors to frontline professionals and volunteers. In many respects, the training can serve as a prerequisite for participants wanting to engage in effective intervention strategies with this population.

This day-long training provides a condensed orientation of this issue to front-line workers who come across male survivors in the course of their duties (e.g. victim services staff, child protection workers, police officers).

What would you receive?

  • A solid day of multi-faceted training from one of our senior clinical trainers.
  • The incorporation of a wide variety of learning approaches, including lecture, case examples, and experiential exercises.
  • Significant time to allow for participatory learning: questions, comments, brief case issues, and adaptation of skills to various sectors of the helping professions.
  • PowerPoint presentations that incorporates the latest research and practice approaches in terms of child sexual abuse, its impact on adult men, trauma treatment, and engagement strategies.
    An emphasis on skill development and front-line application in a variety of trauma focused intervention areas.
  • A video documentary featuring testimonies from male survivors that will speak with a personal lens on the issues that are addressed (or, depending on location, featuring a guest speaker).
    Participant handouts with copies of all presentation materials and other useful resources.
    An evaluative process at the end of the day that will then be tabulated and summarized for the organizers and/or funders.
  • Pre and post communications with our training team to ensure a successful event.

Curriculum Detail for It Happens, It Matters:

Welcome and Introductions

An Introduction to Male-Centered Approaches to Therapy

The Intersection of Male Socialization with Male Sexual Victimization

  • The Traditional Male Code
  • Gender Role Strain
  • Psychotherapy vs. Masculinity
  • A Research Primer on Male Sexual Abuse
  • Cultural Delusions about Male Sexual Victimization

The Aftermath of Sexual Abuse

  • The Human Response to Danger
  • Co-Factors of Trauma

The Repercussion of Male Sexual Victimization

  • Mood & Behavioral Disturbances
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Risk Taking/Dangerous Behaviors
  • The Wobble: The Hangover of Trauma in Men’s Lives (adaption of Herman’s Dialectic of Trauma)
  • A Primer on Ego States
  • Structural Perspectives on Ego States
  • The Drama Triangle (Karpman) & The Trauma Triangle (Hudgins)
  • Assessing Male Sexual Victimization/Engaging the Client
  • The Working Zone: Understanding the Client’s Relationship to the Traumatic Material
  • Expressions of the Survivor Journey
  • The Role of Testimony
  • Documentary: Boys and Men Healing (or Guest Speaker)