Other Guys Like Him


At least 1 in 6 men has experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood, and many are suffering from negative consequences. Of those millions of men, most have people in their lives who want to be more understanding and supportive. 

Understanding him will help you to understand your needs too.

Of course it’s not all about him. For many of you, some of what’s concerning, and what you need to understand, are problems he has that are affecting you and people you love (for example, children). In that case, understanding him better means being more effective at understanding and looking out for your own needs as he addresses his (or struggles to do so).

Whatever experiences he has had – from a single incident he’s still trying to understand to years of what he knows was repeated abuse, from sexual touching by a baby sitter to repeated intercourse with a family member – many other guys have gone through the same kind of things.

And whatever his race, religion, education, financial situation, line of work, or style of dress, and whatever he does for fun; whatever problems he has or mistakes he’s made, or anything else about who he is – there are many other guys with experiences and challenges a lot like his.

If you’d like to know about other guys like him – from guys just thinking about learning more to guys who have dealt with the effects and come out the other side – then this section could be useful to you.

Remember to pace yourself, and keep in mind: It can be disturbing to think about the many other guys and their struggles (or even their successes, if you wonder, “Why hasn’t he overcome that problem?”).

May these men inspire courage, hope, and strength in you.

Yes, I want to learn…