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As the ‘ER’ star, Anthony Edwards makes his Broadway debut in ‘Children of a Lesser God,’ he tells Tim Teeman how opening up about alleged sexual abuse has helped him—and others.

Junot Diaz’s account of his assault and its aftermath, including trouble with intimacy, intrusive memories, and depression, echoes the stories shared in the largely female #MeToo movement, in which women have spoken openly about their pain and healing after sexual assault.

The Me Too and Time’s Up movements have brought sexual abuse and assault into the national conversation as never before. Now, two victim advocacy groups are hoping to expand the public’s perception of what sexual trauma survivors look like with a harrowing new campaign.

When picturing a survivor of sexual abuse, you might immediately imagine a girl or woman, especially now in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

An emotional new PSA, however, wants to broaden your perceptions about survivors to include boys and men.

The recent attention to the issue of sexual assault is good in that “the discussion helps break the stigma,” — but it can also be triggering for survivors.