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The moving PSA generated awareness around male sexual abuse and assault, but beyond awareness, the PSA ignited conversation.

“Sometimes males are socialized that they don’t feel it’s OK to seek help, they may not feel comfortable [or] able to talk about this,” […] “There may be shame in a different kind of way.”

Some abuse survivors have cited #MeToo as a stressful influence, saying it resurfaced the pain of their abuse. Others have reported feeling less alone, saying it encouraged them to address past trauma by talking to loved ones, counselors, or people with similar experiences.

Anthony Edwards, the actor and director best known for his role on the television series ER, has joined the board of directors of 1in6, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault.

There is more awareness of the abuse of males, but there is still a lot of push-back and denial by so many, dismissing the assaults males have experienced. 1in6 helps in countering the silence that many in society still resort to.