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    Normalizing the Conversation Presentation with Missouri National Guard

    July 10, 2019, 9:00 am

    Missouri National Guard

    Kansas City, MO

    This presentation encourages rethinking current assumptions, examining expectations, and employing a lens of masculinity to enhance existing skills for those working with male survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

For far too long, people with disabilities and their allies have been invisible to mainstream society, forced to live in the shadows within our communities, and given little opportunity or a platform to speak out on issues we care about.

As you may know, we offer weekly online support groups for men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. These groups are free, anonymous, and moderated by a professional counselor. Starting July 24th…

1in6 is thrilled to consult on Season 3, and 1in6 staff met with the writers’ room and actor Devin Druid (who plays the character of Tyler) to kick things off.

The moving PSA generated awareness around male sexual abuse and assault, but beyond awareness, the PSA ignited conversation.

“Sometimes males are socialized that they don’t feel it’s OK to seek help, they may not feel comfortable [or] able to talk about this,” […] “There may be shame in a different kind of way.”