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The Kavanaugh News Can Be Triggering for Sexual Assault Survivors; Here Are Some Resources to Help

Men who are sexual assault survivors are often left out of the conversation due to social stigma around male sexual abuse. Visit to be connected to online support groups.

Sexual assault survivors are often thought of as women. In a PSA from the advocacy group 1in6, women were asked to read aloud different accounts of sexual abuse or assault. In the video, the majority of the readers assumed the survivors were women.

Thousands of people shared their stories, giving a sense of the magnitude of the issue. While it was predominantly women who shared their experiences, men also revealed incidents’ of abuse, emphasising the fact it’s a problem for both sexes.

Members of several DoD organizations, including members of the 114th Fighter Wing, joined together at Joe Foss Field, S.D. July 13. In their role as Sexual Assault Prevention and Response victim advocates to receive training presented by Mr. Rick Goodwin, Training Consultant, 1in6 Training Initiatives. Mr. Goodwin’s area of expertise is with men’s mental health, more specifically, male sexual trauma.