People of Color


Many of the impacts of sexual trauma tend to be consistent for most men, regardless of their complex and varied individual characteristics. However, the influences of a person’s ethnic or racial background can have a profound impact on how that sexual trauma manifests itself and how a person reacts and heals from that abuse. 1in6 strives to understand the nuances of race, ethnicity and other cultural identities and their effects on male survivor’s efforts to heal. As such, in all areas of our awareness and engagement programs, we strive to honor and address the particular needs of racially and ethnically diverse cultures; to better understand their unique dynamics; and to identify what resources 1in6 can add to support the healing and recovery of these men, to ensure that valid, relevant and meaningful programming is available to all men and their loved ones.

Lessons learned through our ongoing Campus Outreach Campaign, and also through our development of extensive resources for Latino men and those who care about them (including the comprehensive Spanish-language section of the 1in6 website) has informed our outreach to racially and ethnically diverse communities. With the guidance of experts in the field, including 1in6 board member Ruth Slaughter, we will continue to explore the distinct effects of childhood sexual trauma on people of varying racial and ethnic groups to better serve these communities with culturally responsive information and programming.

If you would like more information, or would like to participate in this effort please contact Martha Lucia Marin at Martha(at)