Inclusivity Initiative


Unwanted and abusive sexual experiences in childhood affect men across categories defined by race, class, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, culture, religion and other characteristics and traits.

There are many impacts of sexual trauma that are consistent for men, regardless of their background. However, the way those impacts get played out in individual lives is likely to be determined by a variety of social, cultural and personal influences. 1in6 recognizes that there are also significant negative influences for men that may serve as barriers to healing and which must be acknowledged and addressed as part of the healing process, including:

  • Cultural prohibitions against disclosing secrets
  • Socialized expectations about men and emotion
  • Rejection or threat of rejection by family or community
  • Isolation or lack of an effective support network
  • Prior negative experiences with helping/safety systems
  • Physical or developmental disabilities
  • Mental Health challenges
  • Addictions
  • Violence
  • Incarceration or criminal record
  • Poverty
  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Xenophobia

1in6 believes that any effective healing process must both honor and occur within the multiple contexts of each man’s life. Those influences, both positive and challenging, combined together in varying degrees, are the foundation for the richly complex and healthy men we strive to be.

1in6 is committed to helping create and support safe and meaningful resources that are inclusive of all aspects of individual men’s lives.  As the demand for culturally relevant resources, materials, tools and training grows, 1in6 will continue to invest in additional resources to assure that our services are accessible to every community.