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Typically men wait until their 30’s, 40’s or even later before beginning to deal with the negative effects of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood. By reaching out to young men on college campuses we will encourage them to begin their recovery processes earlier in life, before negative behaviors and thinking become possible adult habits.

1 in 6 Men On Campus National Task Force

Universities and organizations from all over the nation have joined the initiative.

As part of a long-term strategic plan to improve cultural competency, 1in6 is gathering great minds to help them better serve the 1 in 6 men on campus who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

The mission

Identify the unique cultural barriers to seeking support for the 1 in 6 men on campus who are adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, offer solutions to effectively communicate 1in6 resources and provide training to assist campus staff in their awareness and response efforts. JOIN THE TASK FORCE!

It is only through collaborations such as these that we can begin to break the myths and misconceptions that are so prevalent about male survivors.

What can your school do to be more inclusive of the 1 in 6 male survivors of childhood sexual abuse on campus?: 

  • Join the task force and learn what other schools are doing across the nation
  • Analyze the language in your support literature and dialogues: Is it inclusive? Does it create a safe space for men?
  • Attend a training or webinar by 1in6
  • Host a 1in6 training or workshop at your next conference
  • Host a screening of the film, Boys and Men Healing by Big Voice Pictures and follow it up with an expert panel discussion
  • Coordinate a Virtual Q & A session for a class or club
  • Host your own 1BlueString event or other inclusive awareness event

If your university, college, or organization would like more information on how they can get involved with our 1 in 6 Men On Campus National Task Force please contact Martha Lucia Marin at [email protected].