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Join Us in Celebrating a Decade of Service

We’re thrilled to celebrate more than a decade of helping male identifying survivors heal from sexual abuse and assault.

Dear Friends,

David Lisak, PhD - 1in6 Board ChairIt gives me great pleasure to send this message to you this week, which marks the 12th anniversary of the founding of 1in6, and the beginning of a long, fruitful journey serving male identifying survivors of sexual abuse and assault. As we reflect on how far we have come, we acknowledge the important work that came before 1in6, as well as the vital work ahead of us. Our sights are set firmly on the future, with roots deeply grounded in the exceptional foundation laid by 1in6 Founder Steve LePore. Matthew Ennis, our new chief executive officer, joins us in ushering in the new year, thus marking the first of many exciting developments we have planned.

Matthew began his long career serving as the youngest director of public relations and health education in Missouri’s history. He went on to become a nonprofit consultant and successful entrepreneur. Before joining 1in6, he served as chief executive officer of Freedom’s Rest Family Violence Center, a nonprofit dedicated to providing shelter and advocacy to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and promoting education to break the cycle of violence. We are thrilled to see how 1in6 will evolve in scope and further advance the organization’s mission under his leadership. I invite you to learn more about Matthew and the 1in6 leadership transition by reading the full press release, available here.

The 1in6 website remains a powerful first point of contact for survivors, loved ones, and service providers. Well over 400,000 users visited the website in 2018, with people from around the world finding current information about the issue, resources for recovery and healing, and opportunities to connect with other men who have had similar experiences.

Finally, as the incoming board chair, I’d like to close this letter with my sincere thanks for your ongoing support of 1in6. Our message of hope and healing is truly given life through those who hear and share it. Please know that even the willingness to have a conversation—and to listen—can make a lasting impact in the life of a survivor. We are so grateful for your ongoing friendship, and welcome you to find your own ways to deepen your partnership with us in the year ahead, whether it be through talking about the issue, contributing to 1in6, or simply being a compassionate presence for yourself or someone you love.

If you’d like to support our services for male survivors, loved ones, and professionals, please visit our donate page.

With gratitude,


David Lisak
1in6 Board Chair

P.S. If you have not already, please take a moment to view our powerful PSA, produced in partnership with NO MORE.