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4 Things You Should Never Say To Male Sexual Assault Survivors

Bustle March 6, 2016 By Suzannah Weiss Due to the widespread societal myth that men cannot be sexually assaulted, there are many things people say to male sexual assault survivors that do more harm than good. To raise awareness of sexual assault committed toward men and the stigma they face as a result, The Joyful… Learn more »

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20 Things People Say To Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault

Self Magazine March 4, 2016 By Lindsey Lanquist “That doesn’t happen to guys,” is a sentiment too often echoed when it comes to sexual assault. The misconception that sexual assault is solely a women’s issue is a dangerous one, and it can create an atmosphere in which male survivors don’t feel like they can speak out about… Learn more »

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Watch: Celebrities Read All The Awful Things Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Hear

Refinery29 March 3, 2016 By Sara Coughlin “Why didn’t he fight back?” “But he’s such a nice guy.” “It’s just a misunderstanding.” These are just a handful of the reactions men hear when they share their experiences of sexual abuse. The video above shares many more in varying tones, but their message remains the same:… Learn more »

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Hilary Swank, Ice-T, Courteney Cox and More Appear in Powerful PSA for Male Sexual Assault Victims

People Magazine March 9, 2016 By Jodi Guglielmi A number of high-profile celebrities are coming together to help raise awareness for male survivors of sexual abuse in an emotional new PSA. Courteney Cox, Hilary Swank, Mary J. Blige, Ice-T, Tim Gunn and more appear in No More’s recently released video campaign, which focuses on the… Learn more »

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Do No Harm – Even When It Seems Pretty Appealing: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

(This post originally ran on February 20, 2014 ) After nearly 25 years working as a sexual and domestic violence prevention and intervention advocate, one question eats away at me, day and night. How do we use the lessons of trauma-informed care to help the people who commit those violent acts –often men who themselves were… Learn more »

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