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Boundaries: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

No matter what the time of year, survivors are often faced with “family” gatherings that can elicit feelings of excitement for some, dread for others and both for some of us. The upcoming Passover and Easter holidays are no exception. I have recently explored keeping healthier boundaries in place that allow for room to breathe and reciprocity…. Learn more »

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The Importance of Positive Triggers: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

Our senses play a powerful role in memory. Often times the simplest of things can serve as a trigger, causing us to remember a time or experience. Unfortunately in many of our circumstances, these triggers are not always the positive kind; they can tie to harsh memories and stories we wish we could forget. In… Learn more »

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Carrying the Weight: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

“Hope you’re well. I’m having some anxiety this morning so I thought I’d reach out to a friend. No specific questions – just looking for some support I guess.” I got this email from a young man that reached out looking for support in his healing from severe abuse by his biological father. He was… Learn more »

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The Best Solutions Include Connection: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

Anyone with a stake in the success of a cause-related non-profit (and BTW, that’s all of us) should always keep in mind the inevitability of the dilemma about how best to divide scarce resources. Weighing the relative value of choices like raising awareness about an issue; or offering meaningful training to service providers; or providing… Learn more »

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March / April 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Every year at this time I have the great pleasure to send a summary of our accomplishments and challenges from the previous year. I could not be more grateful for our board, advisory board, staff, volunteers, interns, partner agencies and funders. Truly, our work would not be possible if not for all of… Learn more »

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