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November/December 2014 Newsletter

November 1, 2014

Dear Friends,

In eight short years, 1in6 has established itself as a leading voice engaging individuals and organizations to enhance understanding about the far-reaching consequences of untreated childhood sexual abuse for men and for those who care about them. Our persistence, visibility and careful nurturance of key partnerships has helped to inspire increased services to support men who had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood to live healthier happier lives.

Since the beginning, 1in6 has prioritized using innovative technologies to make our comprehensive programming (in English and Spanish) accessible to individuals dealing with male childhood sexual abuse, wherever they are. The unparalleled information and resources available through the 1in6 Website, including our 24-hour Online SupportLine; and our online Lending Library, have been complemented by a rich variety of Training and Awareness and Engagement programs, many of which we have also made available in web-based formats.

A generous and diverse group of foundations and individuals has provided critical funding to advance our work. Their validation of our effort to advocate for a trauma-informed understanding of men’s coping strategies in fields as diverse as education, criminal justice, substance abuse, homelessness, child welfare, and mental and physical health, has enabled us to become a respected voice in national conversations about sexual abuse.

By forming respectful, strong collaborations with other national organizations in the field, including the Joyful Heart Foundation, Big Voice Pictures, NSVRC, State Coalitions Against Sexual Assault, RAINN, and the Office on Violence Against Women, we have been invited to participate in a number of initiatives which have heightened the awareness and effectiveness of our work. These have included the NO MORE campaign, where we helped develop public service announcements that included men and boys as survivors of sexual and domestic violence; an OVW expert panel on making services available to male survivors of sexual abuse; and an OVW-sponsored roundtable on trauma-informed services for sexual abuse and domestic violence.

We continue to strengthen our already-close collaborative relationships with our international partners, Living Well in Australia and 1in6 Canada to increase the sharing of new content among all three organization’s websites. For example, this year we were able to provide access to a self-care, smartphone app developed by Living Well; and to a pocket-sized self-care, Living Well booklet, which we modified and adapted for U.S. populations. In exchange, Living Well and 1in6 Canada adapted the concept and existing materials of our 1BlueString campaign to launch similar campaigns in their respective countries. In each instance, the costs of development of duplicate programming was avoided, and the shared branding of the material actually gave each effort greater overall impact.

We believe that this commitment to leveraging our existing technological resources; sharpening our focus and developing new programming internally and in collaboration with our national and international partners will enable us to actually increase our visibility, expand the reach or our resources and the impact of our services into the foreseeable future.

As I mentioned above, a generous and diverse group of foundations and individuals has provided critical funding to advance our work and I would like to invite you to become a part of that group.  If your resources allow and if the work of 1in6 resonates with you, would you consider a year-end gift to help us continue our mission in to 2015 and beyond?

You have my word that your investment in 1in6 will pay dividends beyond measure.

Happy Holidays!

Steve LePore

Steve LePore,
Founder/Executive Director

P.S. If you happen to be in NYC anytime soon make plans to see ‘ Stalking the Bogeyman’.  We had the great honor of working with the producers in a small way during pre-production and will have our awareness materials available to theatergoers at each performance throughout the run.