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1in6 Lecture at Ventura College: Annual Clothesline Project Event

Ventura College Psychology Club presents a 1in6 lecture on “Understanding Men: Sexually Abused in Childhood” for their annual Clothesline Project event. Day: Wednesday Date: November 5, 2014 Time: 9:30 AM — 10:45 AM Location: Ventura College Open to the public

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“The Tricky Part” and “All the Rage” Tour India

From October 30th to November 16th, Martin Moran’s award-winning, one-man-shows, “The Tricky Part” and “All the Rage” will be presented in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. Producer Poorna Jagannathan, organized the tour in India for “All the Rage” and “The Tricky Part” in hopes of starting a much-needed conversation about the epidemic of sexual violence against boys. If after having attended… Learn more »

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Do-Overs: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

We don’t often get do-overs in life. Sometimes golfing with a friend, they might give you a do-over if you hit a particularly bad shot, but most people would tell you that life doesn’t offer second chances. Millions of people who have successfully completed a 12-step program might point out how much the 8th step… Learn more »

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Decriminalizing Trauma: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

Some new alternatives to “Fight, Flight or Freeze” I’ve often said, “if you want to help men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse to heal (or for that matter to heal from physical or emotional abuse, which often accompanies sexual abuse), visit a prison, a homeless shelter or programs for substance abuse treatment or for men… Learn more »

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We Are All on the Same Team: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

Here on the east coast, the nights are getting crisp and the leaves are beginning to change. Fall means only one thing around here: football season. As a child growing up in a rural town, football was a central part of folks’ lives. Football culture defined what it meant to be a male. Back home, true… Learn more »

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