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September/October 2014 Newsletter

                                                                                                             September/October 2014

Dear Friends,

While much, if not most of our services continue to be delivered (by design) through our websites and other applications, there are still several very important 1in6 programs that extend beyond our successful use of technology.  Specifically, distribution of our awareness materials, our presentations & trainings and our campus awareness & engagement campaigns require the use of snail mail and an in-person, on the ground presence.

Each year we distribute tens of thousands of pieces of co-brandable awareness materials, most at NO COST to the requesting person or organization, thanks to our long and strong partnership with The Joyful Heart Foundation.  We cover the cost of the materials themselves and the cost of shipping of our:

Note that all of the above items and other materials are also available for immediate download at NO COST at

Additionally, we travel the country delivering our 90-minute presentations and our full-day clinical trainings.  In fact, this past month alone we presented to almost 100 professionals in the field at the annual NSAC Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and to almost 150 Sexual Response Coordinators at Quantico Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia.

May we be of help to you by sending you materials or scheduling a presentation or training?  You can order materials online or you can email [email protected] for more information about our in-person programs.

As Patti Giggans, a 1in6 founding board member likes to say, “we are committed to serving men and those that care about men with a ‘high-tech, high-touch’ approach.”

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore,
Founder, Executive Director

P.S. If you happen to be in NYC anytime soon make plans to see ‘ Stalking the Bogeyman’.  We had the great honor of working with the producers in a small way during pre-production and will have our awareness materials available to theatergoers at each performance throughout the run.