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David Lisak, PhD. on NPR Morning Edition: Preventing rape on campus

August 18, 2014
NPR Morning Edition

A number of studies, on college campuses and elsewhere, have shown that having friends who support violence against women is a big risk factor for committing sexual assault. Now prevention efforts are exploring the idea that having male friends who object to violence against women can be a powerful antidote to rape on college campuses.

  “Many forces can drive a male college student to commit sexual assault. But one of the most important may be the company he keeps.”

‘One of the things that matters most to boys and emerging adult men is the opinion of other men,’ says John Foubert, a researcher at Oklahoma State University who studies rape prevention among young men.

One of the most well-known studies on perpetrators of campus sexual assault is psychologist David Lisak’s 2002 ‘undetected rapists’ study. Because few campus rapes are ever reported, much less prosecuted, Lisak looked for sex offenders hiding in plain sight at University of Massachusetts in Boston.”

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David Lisak PhD. is a founding member of 1in6 and the creator of The BristleCone Project.