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Laura Weiss from The Dartmouth: “Sexual assault summit ends with working groups”

By Laura Weiss, The Dartmouth Staff

July 18, 2014

“The Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault concluded its open sessions Tuesday, and attendees worked in groups on key issues surrounding sexual assault on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Working groups focused on prevention and education, direct service and response, confidentiality and legal issues, investigations and accountability and research and assessment. There, experts and practitioners developed specific policy recommendations and materials to share with colleges and universities. The working groups will continue to develop these recommendations over the next year.

Researcher and forensic consultant David Lisak, who came up with the idea for the summit and working groups, said the concept came from his experiences holding trainings and conferences and consulting with universities around the country. 

‘What I was encountering really at every college and every university were the same kinds of questions and frustrations, and the people at these institutions were trying to figure out how to best respond to sexual assault, how to navigate through the various federal guidelines and laws and regulations,’ he said. ‘What I saw was every institution trying to figure this out on their own.'”

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1in6 founding member and creator of The Bristlecone Project, David Lisak