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July/August 2014 Newsletter


July/August 2014

Dear Friends,


Since our launch in 2007 1in6 has embraced the use of technology to create awareness and engage male survivors and those that care about male survivors, and today I have some good news to share about our technology plans for the near and long term.
We are tracking to have close to 750,000 visitors to our 1in6 and 1BlueString websites in 2014, with over 200,000 of those being unique or first time visitors.  It is important to note that while I am referencing numbers and statistics, the numbers represent real, live people who are reaching out for help — people from all over the globe that are accessing our unprecedented websites in both English and Spanish, people who are using our Online SupportLine, available 24/7, and people who are checking out resources from our free LendingLibrary in greater numbers than ever before.
Better than 40% of our web traffic is through smart phones and tablets, so we have begun the process to make both the 1in6 and 1BlueString websites optimized for mobile technologies.  The process for the 1BlueString website is completed and we will begin the process for the 1in6 website later this summer.
Additionally, our partners at Living Well in Australia have recently developed and launched an app, available in both iOS and Android.  It offers information, support and real-time access to a number of practical tools for recovery 24/7.  The App is the first of its kind specifically designed to assist men who have been sexually abused.  We are looking forward to working in partnership in the coming year to adapt this valuable resource, to create a joint Living Well/1in6 North American version of the App.  
Lastly (for now anyway), we are keenly aware of the lack of support group services for men throughout the US and have been following the development and testing of an Internet-based support group platform that we are very close to contracting for 1in6 use.  Technologically, the platform is of the highest caliber, allowing for safe and synchronistic group discussion — moderated by both a gatekeeper and licensed therapist — insuring anonymity and therapeutically sound interaction.  This curriculum-based service will be offered free to any man who has access to the Internet as soon as we have completed our due diligence of the platform and have trained clinicians in place to staff the online groups.
I’ll close the way I started this letter…specifically that we have embraced the use of technology, but never at the expense of genuine people-to-people engagement.  That said, how may we help you? I welcome your ideas and thoughts as to how we might better serve you.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore Founder, Executive Director