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May/June 2014 Newsletter

May/June 2014

Dear Friends,


As is true with the process of healing from childhood trauma, finding a community of partners has been key to the success of the work of 1in6 since our founding days, over seven years ago.

Our first partnership was with The Men’s Project (TMP) in Canada, as we were working to develop a training curriculum.  We continue to partner today with TMP, and in fact had the good fortune to be involved as they launched their national initiative, 1in6 Canada.

Shortly thereafter we joined forces with Big Voice Pictures, and began using their groundbreaking film ‘Boys & Men Healing’.  Again, we continue to partner with BVP to raise awareness about the possibility of living a meaningful, happy and productive life, after experiencing abuse. We  most recently screened ‘Boys & Men Healing’ at Penn State for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Another long-standing partnership has been with The Joyful Heart Foundation, which began almost five years ago. We worked together to create and distribute co-brandable printed materials to individuals and organizations who needed them, all at no cost.  It was through this partnership that 1in6 became involved with the NO MORE campaign, at first by being named to the national advisory board.

As time passed, and as NO MORE began to develop an awareness campaign about sexual violence, 1in6 was invited to participate in the creation of print PSAs that would speak to our issue specifically.  Much work has happened since the anti-sexual-violence movement began, and it is gratifying to see that 1in6 has had a small part in beginning to move the needle (if even just a bit) to shed more light on the needs of men who may have suffered unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

To that end, this past Sunday, April 27th proved to be a milestone moment in our work, as USA Networks, along with the NO MORE campaign and The Joyful Heart Foundation aired a day-long L&O:SVU marathon with powerful PSAs before and after each episode, some of them about the work of 1in6 specifically.  Our web traffic on the 27th was the most ever, eclipsing even the number of visits we received during the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State media blitz a few years ago.  Additionally, our SuppoortLine use was up considerably and our social media platforms experienced greater than normal activity.  In brief – we were able to engage and support more people on this day than any single day before.

You can view one of the PSAs here:


We have enjoyed the partnership of a number of individuals and organizations, too numerous to mention all of them. But suffice it to say that our work has been made easier, and our services made better, because of those important alliances.

I invite all of our partners and the men we serve to celebrate this milestone moment, and look forward to continued success as we work in partnership to serve those most in need. Together, we can help all those who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore Founder, Executive Director