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Strong Words: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

NO MORE. Strong words.  We’ve thought them, we’ve said them, we’ve worked on getting up the courage to speak them, we’ve shouted them, we’ve gone back into our pasts and spoken them to those who perpetrated against us. NO MORE. No more what? No more abuse. No more sexual violence. It must end.  To bring… Learn more »

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Groundbreaking Effort Launches to Increase Private Sector Support to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

PRESS CONTACT: Kate Hunte 251-406-0920 [email protected] Leading Corporations Announce Millions of Dollars in Commitments to Public-Private Partnerships during “NO MORE Week”  WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 19, 2014 –Major corporations joined forces this week to pledge millions of dollars in new commitments to help end domestic violence and sexual assault as part of a groundbreaking effort… Learn more »

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1in6 Presenting at 4th National Psychotherapy with Men Conference

1in6 will be presenting a workshop on Understanding and Supporting Men Sexually Abused in Childhood on June 7th Click here for more details. The National Psychotherapy with Men conference focuses on promoting the best clinical practices and increasing mental health treatment accessibility for boys and men. The conference will offer practices that will (a) help… Learn more »

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Pennsylvania State University: S.A.A.M. 2014 “Boys and Men Healing” Film Screening and Panel Discussion

In collaboration with Pennsylvania State University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), 1in6, Inc. will moderate a screening of the film, “Boys and Men Healing” produced by Big Voice Pictures. Followed by a panel discussion with local and national service providers. You will have the opportunity to watch a powerful film and ask questions concerning men and their healing path from… Learn more »

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Recovery on Yellow Brick Road, Part 2: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

This is Part 2 in a series based on ideas from my book, (Follow the Yellow Brick Road: How to Change for the Better When Life Gives You Its Worst) applied to the world of men in recovery. In these first two articles, I outline the first principle from the book: We don’t change in… Learn more »

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