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1in6 Board Member Marcellus Wiley Interviewed and Reflects On The Life Lessons of Sports Through His Journey From Compton to Columbia University & Beyond

“Marcellus Wiley grew up in Compton and learned from an early age how important it was to know his limitations and his strengths if he was going to move beyond his “Los Angeles“ neighborhood and take advantage of what the world had to offer. Through guidance and his athletic ability allowing him to play multiple sports, Marcellus was able to achieve just that. His choice to attend Columbia over top-notch “football“ schools underscores his desire to embrace adversity, to adopt a position of leadership, and to follow his own path.

Marcellus instinctively knew, that the keys to success were going to have to be built on the fundamental platform that included: surrounding himself with people who could challenge him in positive ways, having the “mindset“ that life is a marathon not a sprint, and using multiple “sports“ to help him form and cement not only opportunity, but his identity. Marcellus will undoubtedly influence how you view your own path as grit, determination and the school of hard knocks is inspiring.”

Hear more about his story as he talks about being a Board Member at 1in6 and says “You don’t have to live in that mental prison of what you’ve been through before. Make sure you get the proper help and resources”