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1in6 Monthly Webinars: Working with Men Sexually Abused in Childhood

Join us for our 1in6 Webinar entitled, “Working with Men Sexually Abused in Childhood” Wednesday February 12, 2014 10:30 AM Pacific Time.

Because social norms for men often inhibit their effective emotional responses to childhood trauma, men often learn to cope other ways — sometimes not so effective ways. These may include addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, work, pornography and unsafe sexual practices; risky physical activities; issues with anger management; suicide, and physical violence. So instead of calling rape crisis centers or mental health clinics, male survivors often show up in court, rehab facilities, or in the ER without ever disclosing their secret. This workshop will explore how providers working with men in clinical or non-clinical settings can remain sensitive and receptive to a possible underlying source of many men’s negative behaviors and provide resources.

This workshops explores:

  • Men’s presenting issues that may reflect a history of childhood sexual abuse. 
  • Resources and options for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse 
  • Ineffective coping strategies men use that may be related to childhood sexual abuse
  • Ways men may respond differently from women to a history of abuse.
  • Availability of resources for male survivors 
  • Social/cultural norms for men that inhibit male survivors from reaching out for help 
  • Self-care issues that may arise when working with male survivors
  • Impact of abuse and resources for secondary survivors (family and loved ones)

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