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On Learning: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

Peter Pollard shares an experience and life lesson where an academic environment, surrounded by authoritative power, challenged his sense of ‘trust and safety’. Even for those well into their healing and adulthood, the power dynamic with others can play a significant role in our everyday lives.

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1in6 to participate in the Northrop Grumman Community Outreach Fair

From Northrop Grumman: “This event is designed to give our employees exposure to the different non-profit organizations in our local community and organizations that are supported by ECHO, our Employees CHarity Organization, and give them the opportunity to discuss volunteering.”

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1in6 Webinar: “Reaching Out to Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”

Join us on Wednesday October 9th, 2013 at 10:30 AM PACIFIC TIME for our Webinar titled, “Reaching Out to Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”.

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Sex crimes involving male juvenile survivors said to go unreported

1in6 Interviewed by Rachael Brown of the Anniston Star regarding male juvenile survivors of sexual abuse.

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Coded Words: 1in6 Thursdays on the Joyful Heart Foundation Blog

In today’s Blog Cecil Murphey discusses the “coded words” used by many survivors when they choose to disclose their experience and the importance of a loving, ‘uncritical’ response from the listener. The language both in our disclosure and in our response has the potential to lay the groundwork for an open equally supportive relationship. Language, often times, makes all the difference.

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