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1in6 Webinar: “Reaching Out to Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”

Join us on Wednesday September 11, 2013 at 10:30 AM PACIFIC TIME for our Webinar titled, “Reaching Out to Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”. 

Ongoing news stories that raise awareness about the sexual abuse of boys offer a great opportunity to encourage men to begin addressing their childhood sexual trauma. But how do you reach male survivors? How do you engage them, make them feel safe in stepping forward?

We will begin by discussing the 1in6 philosophy of outreach to men, strategies for defining outreach goals relevant to your organization’s needs; identifying exactly who you are trying to reach; explore which messages will be effective and which may be counter-productive; outreach and awareness campaign strategy model, a short review of the impacts of childhood sexual abuse on men; and the resulting barriers to getting help, as well as a review of resources.


Webinar Title

 “Reaching Out to Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse”


 Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Time Commitment

 60 min

Intended Audience

A 60-minute webinar for outreach, prevention & response teams as well as other professionals looking to further engage male survivors of childhood sexual abuse through traditional and innovative outreach strategies. This presentation is not intended for survivors.

This webinar covers:

  • 1in6 outreach philosophy 
  • Basic outreach theory 
  • Outreach and awareness campaign strategy model 
  • Social-media engagement 
  • Resources for men 

Thank you for joining 1in6 in their mission to help men live healthier, happier lives.


The 1in6 Staff

1 in 6 Men On Campus National Task Force 

1in6 is collecting great minds to assist us in our mission to better serve the 1 in 6 men on campus who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. For more information contact martha (at)!

Universities and organizations from all over the nation have joined the initiative!