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March / April 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to tell you about a second awareness campaign that we are launching this quarter, Bristlecone*.

As many of you know, the underpinning of our work has been to create dialogue around the issue of male childhood sexual abuse, with the hope of destigmatizing the issue and reaching more people who may be dealing with the effects of such abuse in adulthood. To that end we launched 1BlueString in the fall of 2012 to great success.

1BlueString is the first awareness campaign of its kind, asking guitar players at all levels to replace the ‘low E’ string on their guitar (acoustic or electric) with a blue string that we provide free of charge. In the two months between our launch November 1st and the end of the year, we shipped almost 3,000 strings! Our goal this year is to distribute over 10,000 blue strings to people across the nation. Should you or any guitar player that you know want to support the campaign, simply register for your free 1BlueString kit at www.1BlueString.org.

This year we are launching a second campaign, Bristlecone*, Portraits of Male Survivors: A mosaic of photographs and words that portray the reality of men who were sexually abused as children, by Dr. David Lisak, founding 1in6 board member.

The focus of the mosaic will be the present, not the past. The focus will be on who each man is today, what defines him and what the focus of his life currently is. The purpose of the mosaic will be to portray these realities in solidarity with the many men who feel isolated and stigmatized by what happened to them. The project will also share these realities with whole communities through public exhibitions and web sites. Each man will be portrayed through a series of photographs, a brief written portrait, and his own voice.
To learn more about Bristlecone, or to volunteer as a portrait subject visit: http://www.davidlisak.com/bristlecone-project.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore
Founder, Executive Director

*bris·tle·cone – A high-altitude pine of western North America that thrives despite high winds, cold temperatures and thin soils. Bristlecones can live thousands of years, and so can be used to correct radiocarbon dating. Also used as a metaphor to describe the unique strength and will of the 1in6 men who were sexually abused in childhood.