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1in6 Quarterly Update for Professionals — Q1 2013

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping for a successful 2013 promoting healing, changing attitudes, raising awareness and generating funding to support programs across the country providing services to women, men and children who have been affected by sexual violence.

Below are some of the latest updates on our recent work:



1in6 continues to offer unparalleled resources online and through strategic partnerships for men who may have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood. And we’ll be expanding our outreach and training programs in the year to come. Collaborating with The Joyful Heart Foundation, we distributed more than 45,000 copies of 1in6’s co-brandable, educational outreach materials for free this past year to community agencies and universities nationwide. We hope even more of your member organizations will take advantage of the opportunity to request free, co-brandable materials to use in local outreach efforts in 2013.

We know and appreciate that many of you have highlighted the 1in6 resources in your outreach to member organizations and it’s clearly helping make folks aware of the support that exists. Overall use of the resources available on the 1in6 website increased by about a quarter over 2011 and unique visitors to the website rose by 55%. Use of the 1in6 Online SupportLine (available 24/7 and operated in conjunction with RAINN) increased by 67% over 2011. We continued to work closely with Big Voice Pictures to sponsor and participate in screenings of their groundbreaking film “Boys and Men Healing” in multiple venues. For a more complete description of our successes in 2012, please read our full annual report


In response to input from our nationwide survey (which many of you helped distribute) we’ve also developed a new one-day version of Men & Healing training with a strong clinical focus, which we’ll be offering this year, in addition to our existing 90-minute and half-day trainings.  We’ll be offering our “Lasting Effects” webinar on the last Thursday of each month. Click here for more information. Our “Reaching Out to Men” Webinar is also available for free to organizations wishing to enhance their services to men who’ve experienced abuse and those who care about them. Some of you have already sponsored a webinar with us and we look forward to working with others of you this year. We’ll also be developing additional webinars this year.

Our current Managing Director of Programs, Todd Eckel, will be assuming the Director of Training role, while I move over to become Director of Communications and Professional Relations, to focus more on web content and general communication with Coalitions and other national organizations. So please contact Todd for questions about training at [email protected]


Our 1BlueString campaign launched in November and has received lots of enthusiasm and rave reviews. The campaign asks guitarists, at all levels, to replace one of their six guitar strings to symbolize the 1in6 men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood. We provide the strings for free. We hope to distribute 10,000 blue strings in 2013. It’s an easy, non-threatening way to raise awareness and can incorporated into an event to engage community members. We’ll also send outreach material to any organization wanting to distribute information at an event. We are thrilled that 1BlueString will be the official charity of the Vans Warped tour that will visit 41 cities this Summer. Please contact [email protected] for more information about the 1BlueString campaign.  


We’ve also completed our compilation of the national Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Agency Survey which can be accessed here, and I’ll be following up with individual state survey results with those of you whose coalitions participated in the survey. Thanks again for the assist. 

I look forward to working in close collaboration with you and your member organizations in 2013 to help providers across a wide range of services to recognize and address the impact of childhood sexual abuse on men, their families and on the communities where they live. And I hope to see many of you at the NSAC in Los Angeles in August. 

Thanks for all the great work you do. 

Warm wishes for a successful 2013. 


Peter Pollard, Director of Communications and Professional Relations provides quarterly updates for professionals, organizations and CASA’s (Coalitions Against Sexual Assault). These updates are a great opportunity for professionals to stay abreast of our work and better serve male survivors in their areas, as well. To learn more about our work with professionals visit our Professionals page or contact Peter Pollard at Peter(at)