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September / October Newsletter

Dear Friend,

As is normally the case, the summer months for 1in6 can be quite busy. This past July and August were no exceptions. It is the outstanding efforts of our board and staff that continue to allow us to reach an untold number of survivors with information, options and hope. Here are just a few of our accomplishments over the past two months:

  • 1in6 Founding Board Member, Dr. David Lisak and I had the great honor to meet with Pennsylvania Attorney General, Linda Kelly and her Chief of Staff, Bruce Beemer. Having the opportunity to meet with both was not only an honor but a great reminder of the task ahead and of the committed and courageous people we join in our work.
  • 1in6 launched the latest version of our website, which includes a new navigation system, new images and an entirely new ‘community’ section that hosts among other things the upcoming 1in6/USC Tele-health Online Counseling Service. While currently available only to California residents, we are hopeful that this pilot program will soon be available cost-free to individuals nationwide.
  • 1in6’s Training Director, Peter Pollard launched the 1in6 Webinar Program, using our “Reaching Out to Men” webinar to train over 30 people from the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault on issues specific to engaging men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood. This 90-minute presentation is available free of charge to any group who may benefit from it. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Dr. David Lisak and I had the opportunity once again to consult on the hit NBC drama, Law & Order SVU, this time meeting with the writers for over 5 hours to help script an episode that will air in the fall, keeping our issue on the public radar. If this episode has the same effect as the last episode on which we were consulted, our web traffic should see a tremendous increase.
  • Thanks to Neil Sandler and all of the good folks at ‘The Tour de Frederick’, 1in6 was the beneficiary of a very generous gift from this year’s event. This fourth annual event has quickly become our marquis fundraiser, creating awareness of our issue, raising support for 1in6 and showcasing the world champion biking skills of 1in6 Founding Board Member Greg LeMond.
  • Finally…drum roll please…1in6 announced our new awareness campaign – 1BlueString! The campaign, which will launch this fall and has been generously underwritten by a local Los Angeles based foundation, will give musicians at every level the opportunity to create awareness about our issue without speaking a word. By simply playing with one blue string (that’s one of six strings), which 1in6 will send out to musicians for free, we hope to create a groundswell of awareness, reaching a younger audience which has been an organizational goal for 1in6 since our inception. Special thanks to The Joyful Heart Foundation who will partner with us on several aspects of our campaign as we approach our fall launch. Stay tuned. Better yet, sign up.

I wish I had more time and space to elaborate further on each of the above mentioned accomplishments. By clicking on many of the links included you should have a more complete picture of what we’ve been up to. It is your generous support that has afforded us the continuing opportunity to do our work, and for that we are grateful.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore
Founder, Executive Director