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May / June Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Partnerships! In many regards it’s been our ability to partner with other exceptional organizations that has allowed 1in6 to deliver world class services. Did you know that 1in6 currently partners with several organizations from across the United States and around the world? This month I wanted to tell you about three of them – one in Ottawa, Canada, one in Queensland, Australia and one in New York, New York.


1in6 and The Men’s Project (Ottawa) partner in delivering training throughout the U.S. Executive Director, Rick Goodwin and his staff have developed one-day and two-day trainings that we offer to direct service organizations as well as to colleges and universities.

The Men’s Project (TMP) is a non-profit men’s counseling agency that has been providing services to men and their families since 1997. TMP provides individual and couple counseling, as well as a specialized healing program for men who have experienced sexual or physical abuse as children, anger management, emotional intelligence and fathering. TMP services are specifically designed for men and professionally facilitated by accredited psychotherapists. TMP tailors their individual programs to specifically meet men’s needs in a way that speaks to men. All of their programs are open to straight, gay and bisexual men.


1in6 and Living Well (Queensland) partner on web content development and other collateral pieces including their 55 page booklet ‘Living Well, A Guide for Men’ which we will soon make available here in the U.S.

Living Well is dedicated to the provision of supportive, accessible, respectful, service to men who have experienced child sexual abuse or sexual assault, to partners, friends, family and service providers. Living Well is committed to working positively with individuals and organizations to end all forms of violence and abuse. Living Well is committed to using collaborative processes to work with men and their supporters in ways that are respectful and inclusive, value men’s strength, energy and creativity and enhance trust, give hope and celebrate life.


1in6 and The Joyful Heart Foundation (New York) partner in the distribution of all 1in6 educational and supportive outreach materials to the general public at little or no cost, and we blog weekly on the JHF website which receives over 50,000 visitors a month.

The mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation is to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse, and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues. While women and children represent the majority of victims of sexual and domestic violence, we know that men are sexually and physically abused and assaulted. They are witnesses and bystanders to violence, and sometimes, they are the perpetrators. Engaging men is a crucial part of the movement to address, prevent and, one day, end sexual violence, domestic violence and child abuse.

It continues to be an honor and privilege to partner with these organizations, other outstanding agencies and YOU as we work together to serve men and those that care about men.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore
Founder, Executive Director