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January / February Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Twice a year the 1in6 Board of Directors meets in person to chart the growth of 1in6 programming and set goals for the future.  We were so excited by the progress made over the course of 2011 that I’d like to share with you just a few of our accomplishments, as well as a bit about the plans for program expansion that were approved at the December board retreat in Los Angeles.

1) Web-based Programming – The 1in6.org website currently receives about 600 visits daily which translates to nearly 215,000 visits a year.  Over the course of 2011, the 1in6 Online Lending Library provided free resources to over 150 individuals, the 1in6 Online SupportLine assisted over 350 individuals and 25 pages of web content were translated to Spanish.  In 2012, our web team will continue to expand educational content and create new structures that allow users to navigate the site more easily.  Depending on their learning style and interests, site users will be able to follow a series of brief (30- to 90-second) videos featuring, as well as text stories about, individual success stories – which will also link to relevant support resources and the more generalized content of the site.  We will also continue translating the entire website to Spanish.

2) Professional Training and Outreach – 1in6 professional training and educational resources are targeted at community service providers and range from 90 minute educational workshops (often presented at national and international conferences) to the two-day Men & Healing training.  In 2011, 1in6 educational materials were made available to over 7,300 conference attendees and 1in6 staff provided presentations or training modules directly to 1,140 professionals.  In 2012, 1in6 will schedule more presentations and trainings than ever before – 10 two-day trainings and at least 15 workshops/ presentations over the course of the year.  We are also developing a series of webinars, to launch in the first half of 2012, which will support professionals unable to attend trainings in person.

3) Community Education and Outreach In 2011, our campus outreach program distributed thousands of copies of 1in6 educational outreach materials to five pilot campuses in the greater Los Angles area; sent email blasts to over 600 college counselors nationwide; and provided the first crisis response to the breaking stories of childhood sexual abuse emerging from Penn State and Syracuse University. 1in6 also distributed our television PSA (which features the voice of actor Harrison Ford and debuted on CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon) to the 10 largest media markets in the country (covering 50 stations) and collaborated with the Joyful Heart Foundation, NBC, Wolf Films and A Call to Men, in the production of a Law & Order: SUV episode (first aired September 28, 2011.  In 2012, we will deepen our work with our pilot colleges by offering presentations and trainings for campus staff, faculty, administrators and students and partnering with campus groups around Sexual Awareness Month (April) and other events.  We will also continue our collaboration with the Joyful Heart Foundation, developing joint trainings and public awareness efforts.  

We enjoyed great success this past year and look forward to more progress in 2012.  Thank you for your continued support of our efforts, we could not do our work without you.

Happy New Year!

Greg Light

1in6 Board Chairperson