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November / December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friend, 

2011 has been a terrific year for 1in6 and I am proud to share some of our accomplishments below:

Website:  We relaunched 1in6.org with a complete ‘makeover,’ including a new color pallette reflecting our new logo and branding campaign. Operation of the 1in6 Online SupportLine increased from 15 hours each week in 2010 to the current 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  To promote inclusion and diversity, we have added an entire Spanish section (over 25 pages).  Our ultimate goal is to translate the whole site in to Spanish – adding five pages at a time until that goal is met – and continue adding Spanish-language resources to the Online Lending Library such as the Spanish version of “Houses of Healing.”

Training:  1in6 staff has attended public conferences and convening’s (mostly focusing on sexual assault prevention and intervention) in many states throughout the U.S., presenting training modules to hundreds of individuals and providing information at our 1in6 booth accessible to thousands of conference attendees.

Community Education & Outreach:  1in6 staff launched our CE&O initiative earlier this year to raise awareness of our issue and available resources – both specifically among young adults on college campuses as well as more broadly throughout our local community and the communities in which we offer 1in6 trainings.  We are creating a comprehensive outreach campaign for each venue including printed materials, rich media strategies, and a newly developed public service announcement (which features the voice of actor Harrison Ford and debuted on CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon).

Additionally, 1in6 partnered with The Joyful Heart Foundation and NBC on a ground breaking episode of Law & Order:SVU, the promotional PSA of which is linked here for your viewing:  http://joyfulheartfoundation.org/engaging-men.htm

I hope you’ll agree, as we wind down 2011 and head in to 2012 (our 5th anniversary year), that we have accomplished a great deal.  We look forward to the exciting things planned for 2012 in each of the three areas mentioned above.  

In planning for next year I would like to invite each of you to help support our work by making a tax deductible contribution to 1in6, by using the PayPal link below.  You have my word that your investment will pay immeasurable dividends. 

Warm regards and Happy Holidays!

Steve LePore

Executive Director