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July / August Newsletter

Last month we relaunched 1in6.org with a complete ‘makeover,’ including a new color palette reflecting our new logo and branding campaign, more intuitive navigation and an infrastructure to support new and more interactive content as it is developed.

To promote inclusion and diversity, we added an entire Spanish section. Our ultimate goal is to translate the entire site in to Spanish, five pages at a time.

We’ve also updated and added information to the ‘Training’ and ‘Education & Outreach’ sections. The ‘Books & Films’ section has added a few titles, including the Spanish version of ‘Houses of Healing,’ now available for loan. Finally, the 1in6 SupportLine remains available 24/7 and its utilization to visitors to 1in6.org continues to increase.

The relaunch and makeover was guided by 1in6 founding board member and current advisory board member, Jim Hopper, and Marshal McNiven of the design firm Martin Ashal. Both Jim and Marshal dedicated themselves to ensuring that everything about the new site was perfect. Also contributing to the relaunch effort were Peter Pollard, Peter Chen, Emiliano Diaz de Leon, Bryan Knauber and Josh Ofrane.

Future plans call for adding more stories and media to the site, including more success stories in the ‘Other Guys Like Me’ section, as well as filling out the ‘Well Being and a Good Life’ section.

As always, we are interested in knowing what you think. So as you have the time, please browse the new site and if you ever have a suggestion or idea don’t hesitate to let us know. Our work would not be possible without your continued involvement and support.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore
Executive Director