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Understanding Men Sexually Abused in Childhood
January 8, 2014 10:30 AM (PDT) register

Working With Men Sexually Abused in Childhood
February 12, 2014 10:30 AM (PDT)


2014 Colorado Advocacy In Action Conference: 
June 3, 2014 -Keynote Address

Film Screening

2014 Colorado Advocacy In Action Conference: 
June 3, 2013 -Boy and Men Healing Film Screening

Contact Martha Lucia Marin at martha(at)1in6.org to register for info on upcoming webinars.
Organization specific presentations available upon request.

Welcome to 1in6.org.

While our mission is focused on men who’ve had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences (and their partners, family members and friends), this site has valuable information for many different kinds of people.

This page is a good starting place if you ‘don’t fit’ into the most common types of visitors to 1in6.org. And as we do for everyone who visits our site, we always welcome your feedback on how to improve it.

Journalist / Media Representative

We have lots of information and insights for you and your readers, listeners, or viewers.

See Information for the Press.

In most cultures and their media, the lasting effects of childhood sexual abuse in the lives of men has been neglected. With your help, we’d like change that tragic and unnecessary reality – and with it the lives of millions of affected men and their partners, families, friends, and coworkers.

For more information on the statistic behind our name, and why it is not an exaggeration, see The 1 in 6 Statistic.

To learn more, we suggest checking out General Issues & Cautions and Masculinity, Self-Esteem & Identity, both in our Online Readings.

You may find it particularly informative and enlightening to read these two pages under Masculinity, Self-Esteem & Identity:


If you are a teacher in a high school or an institution of higher education, a substantial number of your male students have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences, and a significant proportion of those have been deeply affected by what happened.

The information on this website can help you have more understanding and empathy toward the boys and men you teach who are dealing with the aftermath of such experiences – even if they never disclose this fact to you.

If you are teaching a course on a related topic (e.g., psychological trauma, psychology of gender, sexuality or masculinity), throughout this site you will find valuable information and resources for your students.

Attorney, Judge, Law Enforcement Officer

The majority of men involved with the criminal justice system were abused and/or neglected as children.

Many men who commit crimes struggle with the effects of unwanted or abusive boyhood sexual experiences, including insecurities about their manhood and difficulties regulating emotions and impulses. Often they are attempting to ‘prove’ their masculinity through acts of aggression or violence, and directing toward innocent people an intense rage that’s rooted in massive betrayals by parents and other caregivers.

Certainly such childhood experiences and resulting struggles cannnot fully explain these men’s criminal acts, nor absolve them of ultimate responsibility for what they’ve done.

But knowledge of these factors can help attorneys, judges and law enforcement officers have greater insight into ‘the psychology’ of the men they must work or ‘deal’ with on a daily basis. We believe, also, that such knowledge can foster the compassion (not pity or ‘excuse making’) that can actually enhance capacities for clear legal and moral reasoning and judgments.

Depending on your role, interest, and needs, you may find useful information under The 1 in 6 Statistic, Online Readings, Get Help and Books & Films – Borrow or Buy (which has a For Men in Prison section).

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