Stages of Recovery

Road maps of how men overcome the effects of unwanted or abusive boyhood sexual experiences.

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GettingBetterImperfect Word, Good Models

First, let’s address that imperfect term, ‘recovery.’

  • We know it can turn people off, especially some men.
  • Here we simply mean ‘gradual healing,’ a standard meaning found in any dictionary.
  • We are not suggesting that you view yourself as ‘in recovery,’ or in any other way make this concept part of your identity (though some may choose to do so).

Now, for the models. There are two that describe ‘stages of recovery’ men go through to overcome harmful or traumatic boyhood sexual experiences.

Both models are excellent. Both map common paths that many others, including men who once felt hopeless about ever being truly happy, have traveled with success.

The stages they describe also apply to healing from the effects of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and other potentially traumatic childhood experiences that boys can encounter.

We encourage you to learn about both models: