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On This Site

Many of your questions may be covered in Get Information, even though it’s written mostly for men educating themselves about their experiences, needs and options.

For helpful books and films see Books & Films – Borrow or Buy, including For Partners, Spouses, etc., For/About Men Dealing With This, and Relationships and Intimacy.

See also the Additional Resources under Men > Get Information, which has links to many national, international, regional and local resources – including resources for partners, family members and friends.

On Other Sites

Men’s disclosure of child sexual abuse or sexual assault: How you can help is a great page on Living Well, a Queensland, Australia resource for men who have experienced child sexual abuse or sexual assault and those who care about them.

Finally, if you are the parents or other caregiver of a sexually abused child, see Former Advisory Board Member, Dr. Jim Hopper’s, resources here.)