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Hello and welcome to the 1in6 website.

1in6’s mission focuses on helping adult males who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences live healthier, happier lives. Our mission also includes supporting those who care about them, and professionals providing healing services.

We know that no single resource will meet all of any person’s needs. We invite you to explore what we have to offer. Use whatever is helpful toward your recovery and healing, even if our lens or our choice of words doesn’t directly address all the specifics of your experience.

1in6 was founded, and our website was designed in response to a lack of resources addressing the impact of negative childhood sexual experiences on the lives of adult men, one of many under-recognized aspects of childhood sexual abuse. In 2016, our board approved including men who experienced sexual assault as adults as part of our mission. In addition, we often hear from people (other than men) who have had similar experiences, as well as those currently supporting boys, girls, and adults who have experienced abuse or assault, that they have also found the in-depth information and resources available here helpful and relevant to their recovery.

There are many impacts of sexual trauma that are consistent, regardless of a person’s gender identity, age or background. The way those impacts get played out in an individual’s life is likely to be determined by a variety of social, cultural and personal influences. We recognize that every individual who visits our website comes with a complex blend of characteristics, identities, values and experience. We are constantly striving to better understand the implications of those nuances in an individual visitor’s life, and to learn how to more effectively provide resources to support each man’s unique healing process.

We chose the name 1in6 because researchers estimate that at least 1 in 6 men have had unwanted sexual experiences, including abuse and assault. We chose the name 1in6 because researchers estimate that at least 1 in 6 men have had unwanted sexual experiences, including abuse and assault. Most men who’ve been harmed by such experiences don’t begin to address those negative effects until their late 30s, 40s or 50s – a fact unacceptable to all of us at 1in6.

Our online resources were created to support all men and male-identified individuals. No one seeking assistance will be turned away. I hope that you will access our 24/7 Online SupportLine, our free and confidential Online Peer SupportGroups, and our 1in6 Library Bookstore. We support all men, regardless of age, but in the hope that men will start their recovery processes sooner, we’ve focused some of our outreach and programs toward men between the ages of 18 and 30.

We have created this website so you can educate yourself and – if this is what you’re looking for – advance your healing process.

Additionally, 1in6 offers several presentations and trainings for professionals and others who work with men who may have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences. These range from webinars and in-person workshops or presentations, to a two-day, intensive training, which includes CEUs.

Finally, 1in6 has an awareness campaign, The Bristlecone Project. This campaign has proven to be an effective tool for engaging men, their loved ones, professionals, and the general public to join our efforts to help men and their communities heal. We invite you to get involved!

All 1in6 services are free to those who had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences and to the friends and family members who care about them. And your privacy and safety are our highest priorities.

In this, our 10th year, I hope that you find the information and resources on this site useful. I welcome any questions and suggestions that you may have.

Warm regards,

Steve LePore

Steve LePore
Founder, Executive Director

P.S. You can support the mission of 1in6 in many ways, including telling others about our work; distributing our materials; referring individuals to our resources; hosting a 1in6-related event; or by making a contribution of time, skills or materials. 1in6 is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization and is supported by grants from private foundations and individual donations.