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Welcome to 1in6.org. We are working with the community to raise awareness about the effects of childhood sexual abuse on men.

College Campus Campaign

Reaching out to college-age men and those who love and serve them.

Inclusivity Initiative

Reaching out to all people.

Books & Film

Borrow or buy from our expanding library.

The first awareness campaign to support the 1 in 6 men who were sexually abused in childhood.

We're sending a blue string to any guitarist willing to show support for the 1in6. Replace your low E string with a blue string and raise awareness in your community. Get a string kit today.


A 1in6 awareness campaign.
The Bristlecone Project

We were wounded.
Now we thrive.

Portraits and Biographies of
Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Bristlecone Project

Men who've been there.